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The reality of the situation?
The food is really good.

We love the smash mash, which consists of cauliflower and garlic, and the flavourful cauliflower rice aptly called ‘it’s not rice.

In terms of proteins, the eggplant beef lasagne is a must-try, and so is the chicken in peanut cream sauce. Our favourite, however, is the peppercorn steak. Best of all, The Lunchbox is actually affordable!
These are the low-carb experts that deliver delicious dishes like cheesy black bean chili, cauliflower rice and chickpea butternut squash stew anywhere in Dubai
Less carbs = flatter tummy

I wasn't weighing myself during the plan so I only had my eyeballs and the fit of my clothes to go by. Within the first week of eating dishes such as cauliflower veg slices and cauliflower rice (yes, there's a lot of cauliflower in the plan) my bloated stomach got noticeably flatter. Now, as someone who usually equates eating a low fat diet with looking and feeling good, I learned I was wrong.


Now you can eat healthy wherever you are in Dubai. Download our iPhone and Android app now.

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We would like to inform you with saddened regret that we will be officially closing THE LUNCHBOX low carb from the 27th August 2019 in Dubai.

We appreciate all your support as a valued customer, thank you.

We are happy to announce, that THE LUNCHBOX lowcarb concept will continue in the Philippines. Please visit us on to learn more.