What is low carb?

We must be crazy but we believe that food should taste good and be good for you at the same time. With our motto and a team of foodies at THE LUNCHBOX, we have developed and created healthy and scrumptious meals with limited carbs!

At THE LUNCHBOX low carb we recommend a daily intake of 100grams of carbohydrates per day. A breakdown of macros of each dish is visible when ordering; making it easy to know your exact intake of protein, carbs, fat & calories.


Why are we so convinced about it?

It was a strong personal interest of the managing director of THE LUNCHBOX, Mr Michael Waechter to offer high-quality low carb food at competitive prices through THE LUNCHBOX brand: Michael was looking to lose a few pounds for good, without the famous yo-yo effect and without becoming a “grumpy fasting guy”, which invariably happens to so many others who try to lose weight by fasting.

Low carb has proven to be a great way to lose weight for Michael and he has become an even more convincing ambassador for the low carb concept, after a loss of more than 12 kg in six months. “Good food, no hunger and losing weight – what else could you want!” he summarised his experience. You are invited to join him in this experience and try it out for yourself.

How does it work?

Thinking about lunchtime already? All you have to do is follow the steps and order your LUNCHBOX low carb through our app!

Our low carb LUNCHBOX concept is an easy two-step process. A LUNCHBOX is made up of a main meal and a side dish. It is a flexible system to make sure you mix and match the dishes are per your own personal preference. Each LUNCHBOX is made from fresh & organic ingredients in the kitchen for a healthier you, because healthy eating is healthy living!

Our menu rotates on a weekly basis to ensure all our lunchgoers have plenty of choice. If you have any questions and would like to speak to us please call us directly on 800LUNCH(58624).



Now you can eat healthy wherever you are in Dubai. Download our iPhone and Android app now.

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